Farage back in top position promising stability

Only 4 days of Nuttall’s leadership and he has decided to pass over the job to his old friend Farage.
Mr Nuttal decided that the pressure of the job is too high to deal with and when people ask him about Brexit, he has to admit that he has no clue.
You can read more in the Daily Mail about this.


According to experts, People who voted brexit have a higher IQ.
Many British patriots have spent years on Farmville and similar games to find out the value of farmers products.
It has also been proven that many Brexiteers have so much brain activity that they can read each others minds.
People only needed a binary vote because “leave the EU” was enough for them to know what that meant to them and others.
Many speculations about it being about banana or passport colors were mainly guesses by remoaners. And every Brexiteers knew simply that their fellow Brexiteer voted for the same reason:
This is why our new Prime Minister is making such a success out of this.

Theresa May does not care about money just as much as many Brexiteers.
All brexiteers voted to name and shame all immigrants, to scare them out of the country, and of course to make racism legal.

Clever people these Brexiteers…

17 Oct 2015

Facebook’s most wanted

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Facebook has been questioned about one of it’s members by the NSA and FBI.

Mark Zuckerberg:

We can not give more information why these people are wanted, but we are trying our best to find out who these people are. We have currently narrowed down the search to one

Yes, that is right. Facebook has every detail of every person wanted.
Except one, and that is why facebook needs your help.
If you know anything about the person below (click on photo below to see profile, not Marks), email with all information needed.

21 Jun 2014

NHS sponsor for Team England

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The English football team will be sponsored by the NHS, they will provide the medics in case something goes wrong.
Also from now on, the staff of the English football  is only allowed to drink from cartons or paper cups.
This has been decided because of the accident England’s physio Gary Lewin had against Italy

21 Jun 2014

Loophole allows dogs to get married in the UK

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The new same sex law has a loophole that allows your furry friends to get married too. And that’s not all, pedigree breeds can marry humans whilst mixed breeds can only marry dogs of the same sex or cats.

This loophole was discovered by a Grant Fox, a lawyer in marriage disputes. He found this loop whilst he worked on a case defending someone that was accused of cheating on his wife with is dog.

The current new law states that anyone should be able to marry the one the person loves, no matter what past, sex or origin.

That means that dogs, cats and other furry friends count to that law too. The complications are though that pedigrees and cross breeds will have separate rules, and for those you will have to look at the breeding laws in the UK.


Complicated? Yes, it is but it is good news for people and their pets in the future. The law is not going to change just yet as the elections are delaying things at the moment




7 Jun 2014

Oops! Tim Cook uses everything non-Apple!

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Well, there’s apparently one good thing Microsoft’s Windows is good at: running the software necessary to manufacture Apple’s Mac computers.

And the messenger of this information? Apple chief executive Tim Cook himself. On Thursday, Cook tweeted a photo of himself touring Apple’s Austin, Texas production line where the Apple Mac Pro is manufactured:

The problem? Right behind Cook is an iMac—and it’s clearly running Windows. In his pocket is a Samsung mobile.
And if that is not enough, he is wearing Google Glass.

Cook apparently didn’t notice his glitch. This could be a case of Twitter naivete, as Cook only has 64 tweets to his name, and he may not realize the full impact of his Twitter megaphone. His photos are favorited and retweeted thousands of times, but just a few people noticed the Windows issue. Those people, however, began commenting upon it.

“Made in America, with Microsoft Windows (look closely),” Steven Webster tweeted.

  Macs are made on Windows which then allows android to be made on the mac. :)” user RBXcmn65 added.

It wasn’t totally clear whether the PC in question was running Windows XP or Windows 7, although most commenters were leaning toward Windows XP. It also wasn’t clear what application it was running. It’s certainly possible that Windows was being used to run electronic design automation (EDA) software, or some other embedded analysis program that Apple’s developer base has passed over.

What is clear, however, is that Apple’s airtight PR machine sprung a leak, and right from the very top. Ironically, Cook himself took some potshots at Microsoft during the Apple’s WWDC speech, mocking Microsoft for poor customer adoption of Windows 8 relative to OS X Mavericks.

“This is the fastest adoption ever of any PC operating system in history,” Cook said of Mavericks.

Maybe so, but Apple’s assembly line could certainly use a copy.


29 May 2014

Rare photo of Norfolk

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Norfolk at Night


This photo taken by Stuart Cutting, is a way we have never seen norfolk.
The detail in this photo is unbelievably crisp sharp and you can almost recognise every corner of Norfolk.

Some celebrities are also talking about this!


Since the problems with the new iPhone Maps came out. It went global.
So it was time for Apple to sort this problem once and for all.

The new iOS6 was incapable of providing correct maps so Apple will give now a free case with every purchase of the iphone 6. The free offer will expire tonight as after that It will become a second option next to the adapter. Both adapter and case will be available for $59.99 in store and online.
Apple says that it should fix the problems with the maps.

24 Nov 2011

Bieber fashion line, for the woman she is

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Biebers draft for ELLE magazine

Justin Bieber on ELLE magazine, though it is a preview of ELLE magazine or a draft for one of the next editions of the popular fashion readables. Every  singer or at least female singer has a fashion line these days or at least perfume. Spot the cover at the top here, and scroll down for Bieber’s latest perfume.


3 Nov 2011

Is Justin Bieber the real dad?

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Earlier in the news a woman claiming Justin Bieber is the father of her child:

Now we can’t find anywhere a picture of the so called baby, so we had to dig a little deeper and maybe you can tell if Justin is the father of this baby or not:

Justin bieber

baby suspect

For those who think I posted the same picture twice, have a closer look